A ‘sweet’ guide to Morocco’s date festival

“Ain’t nothing sweeter than Morocco. You got sweet tea, pastries, and naturally sweet dates. God I love this country.” Says Jacob from The Netherlands. He’s 63 and he says that he’d never had anything sweeter then the dates at Erfoud Date Festival.

In early October, the Erfoud Date Festival takes plays. The harvest determines the duration of this festival. Though usually, it takes Time. Marrakech to Zagora desert tour, sadly, isn’t scheduled in the month of October. However, if you wish to attend this festival, you may check through our website and see the tours available for the Erfoud Date Festival.

The festival takes place in a small oasis called Erfoud. Hence the Erfoud date festival – genius.

6 hours east of Ouarzazate, you’ll find the gorgeous little oasis. Red buildings and an endless view of palm trees make up this gorgeous little city. It stretches from Errachidia to the North, and Rissani to the south. This sweet wonder forms the largest expanse of palm groves in Morocco.

Festivities and good times.

Since we’re Moroccan, and we’re naturally festive about almost everything, you know there’s going to be dancing and music at the Erfoud Date Festival. Each october, after the dates are harvested from the palm trees, the town comes to life. Traditional music and dancing takes over the place. Everyone present gets to sample the dates and enjoy the celebrations. There’s also a fashion show. Yes, a fashion show. Even a ‘Date Queen’. Pretty exciting right? Right? Well there’s also a race, a dromedary race.

One thing is certain. Much like our Marrakech desert tours, you’re not going to feel a shred of boredom. Excitement fills the place, and you see everyone having a splendid time. That alone is enough to make you feel joyous.

Companies and cooperatives get to promote their dates and are given official tents. They also market date related products. You’ll find many benefits in them. Turns out, they’re not only sweet, but they also nourish your skin. There’s an official governmental opening that’s held on the festival’s first day. The south of Morocco alone produces 45 different varieties.

Before you embark on a journey to Erfoud Date Festival, you might want to check with one of our representatives. There are numerous hotels in Erfoud. You’ll have a wonderful stay. Marrakech to Zagora desert tours’ guide will be the one overseeing this tour. So you can rest assured that you’ll be briefed on everything. The history, the appeal, even the economics of it all.

If you’re wondering why we’re being this festive about dates, it’s because it has history. Apart from having a huge part in Moroccan cuisine, dates have been in Arabia since 6.000 BC. It was a major source of life for thousands of people. The Middle East and Northern Africa were providing people with thousands of different uses for the date palms. Thread, mattresses, ropes, lumber and numerous other household uses.

Religion-wise, dates have played a major role. The first breaking of the fast during ramadan is usually with dates and milk. The date palm is regarded as the ‘tree of life’ as mentioned in the Quran.

Around 90.000 tons of dates are exported from Morocco each year. The festival allows the people to have a ‘thanksgiving’ sort of celebration. They’ll pray for a good crop next year, and proceed with their celebrations.

You’ll have a splendid time at the Erfoud Date Festival. You’ll sample as many as you like, and feast your eyes on countless date palms that’ll just light up your mood. If you’ve any questions about Marrakech to Zagora desert tours, or about the Erfoud date festival, let us know and we’ll get back at you as soon as we can.